Learn About ETGs

Below are documents including overview papers and white papers. 

  • What are ETGs?
    Episode Treatment Groups® (ETG®) are an illness classification methodology, and are widely used for building episodes of care. This document provides a brief overview of the product, applications in the marketplace, and the methodological approach.

  • ETG in Measurement 
    Episode Treatment Groups provide a standard unit of measurement for a wide variety of health care applications. They provide a consistent and reliable measurement tool for gauging the provision and financing of health care services. This overview describes some of the many applications for this methodology.

  • Measuring Health Care with Meaningful Episodes of Care
    This white paper explores the concepts and methodology employed by the ETG software. Concepts and methods include episode severity measurement, dynamic clean periods, handling chronic episodes, and building episodes of care.

  • Issues and Best Practices in Physician Episode Attribution 
    Network and provider assessment programs require a robust methodology for attributing episodes of care to the appropriate parties. This white paper explores different options for attributing responsibility for “episodes of care” to individual providers.